Increase Case Acceptance

ToothorChairside™ supports dentists, hygienists, treatment coordinators, and other dental team members in presenting dental procedures to patients and help them decide on the right treatment plan. Doctors may also reinforce treatment plans by sharing the videos with patients via email. Education and reinforcement not only increases case acceptance, but manages patient expectations. Patients with more realistic expectations about their procedures are generally happier with treatment outcomes. The results are more referrals, positive reviews, and loyal patients.

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How Does it Work?

Use the ToothorChairside™ app on any computer, iPad, tablet, op-room screen, or phone to present dental procedures to patients chair-side. Choose from the continuously growing, high-definition (4K), digital patient education video library that features dental procedures, post-op instructions, infection control-related videos, and much more to support case presentation.

is compatible with any device!

See the exceptional quality for yourself:

is compatible with any device!

Here are just a few of the primary ways dental offices are using ToothorChairside:

Increase case acceptance rates: Our platform is designed to help you clearly explain the benefits and outcomes of dental procedures, making it easier for patients to say "yes" to treatment plans.

Reinforce healthy dental habits: With ToothorChairside, you can educate patients on the importance of proper dental hygiene and care, helping to prevent future dental issues.

Strengthen your treatment presentation routine: Our customizable platform allows you to tailor your treatment presentations to individual patients, making it easier to gain their trust and confidence.

Explain procedures and reassure patients: ToothorChairside provides you with a comprehensive library of procedure videos, allowing you to explain what to expect during a procedure and reassure patients about any concerns they may have.

Simple Honest Pricing

$49 / month

$99 set-up fee

Includes chairside player on unlimited devices for one practice one location.

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