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Increase revenue, improve efficiency, and reduce cost with Toothority DSO Solutions. Whether you take a centralized or decentralized approach to branding, Toothority helps you create a streamlined patient experience process while allowing for customization at the practice level.

Increase Online Conversion Rate
while Reducing Patient Acquisition Cost

About 20% of people will pick a practice online based on the website's ranking. Over 15% will select the provider with the most informative website. Adding patient education videos to your website increases engagement, supports SEO, and gets you to the top of Google so more patients find your practice. ToothorWeb can be seamlessly added to your current website or as individual funnel pages.

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Create Streamlined Patient Education
and Experience Process

ToothorTV offers cost efficient options to enhance patient experience and even fill some of the gaps that staffing issues create. ToothorTV assists dental teams in patient education and experience efforts. Welcome patients, introduce doctors and team members, create awareness of elective procedures, special offers, and referral campaigns, present financing options with QR code access, and much-much more!

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Increase Case Acceptance and
Optimize Provider Efficiency

Educating patients empowers them to make informed decisions about their oral health. This effort also builds trust, improves case acceptance rates, and creates realistic expectations about treatment outcomes. ToothorChairside helps you optimize some of the most crucial interactions between patients and dental team members related to clinical care.

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Centralize and Streamline
Team Onboarding and Training

Use Toothority to assist you with onboarding new doctors and team members. Communicate organizational core values, corporate messages, SOPs, information on current marketing campaigns, and more. Efficiently train new staff members on standard operating procedures, phone skills, financing options, and third-party protocols.

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