Partnership Opportunities

Dental Marketing Agencies

Select this option if you are an agency and would like to integrate patient education videos into your clients' websites.

Advertising on

Select this option, if you are a distributor or manufacturer of oral care (or related) products or services such as orthodontic solutions, oral hygiene products, insurance plans, etc., and would like your brand and content to be included on ToothorTV.

Strategic Partnerships

Select this option if you are an organization providing services or selling products to dental clients, such as consulting firms, dental implant manufacturers, etc., and would like to explore strategic partnership options.

Great minds think alike.

The Toothority Partner Program offers a variety of collaborative opportunities to bring Toothority directly to your customers. Toothority presently partners with a variety of dental marketing agencies, website developers, advertisers, and strategic partners to deliver progressive and state-of-the-art patient education solutions to dental practices around the globe.

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