Website Performance & Speed Test Scam

By Toothority Sorority, Posted April 12, 2022

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Stay In Touch:

Hey dental ladies! We’re back with some important information on another common scam that our sisters are seeing.

Have you ever received any emails reporting that your website speed and performance has a low score? Oftentimes, you may see or hear companies mention the use of Google PageSpeed Insights as the tool they used to scan your website. Sound familiar yet? This tool was originally intended to help website designers make minor improvements or identify serious problems. It is not meant as a “score” to compare two different websites, or to be used as a sales tool by another website company.

What does a low score tell me? Should I be concerned?

Unfortunately, many companies have adapted this tool to try and get your attention by telling you that your website "scores" are low. This is a very arbitrary system and basically any modern website will score low on this test, because most websites now use videos, high-res images and widgets. For example, the Apple website scores in the low 50's on the same test (this changes as they add or remove website content). Apple and many prestigious national brands, accept that they have to "sacrifice" some speed for aesthetics to find a balance that works for them both visually and functionally.

Regardless, can I improve this score? What does improvement mean?

In order to dramatically “improve” a website score videos, images and widgets would need to be removed. The only way to have a perfect 100 score is to have a plain, white page with text, like an essay. (not very appealing).

Always make sure to reach out to your trusted and reputable marketing or website company first if you ever have questions about your website.

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