Domain Payment Request Scam

By Toothority Sorority, Posted March 4, 2022

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Stay In Touch:

Hello ladies! We wanted to share this common domain scam that seems to be making its way into practice mailboxes. Sharing is important in our community. Keeping each other safe and learning from one another’s mistakes is only possible if we are willing to share! Thanks to some of our sisters (and brothers) we are able to do just that.

Unfortunately, more and more practices have been receiving letters similar to the ones in this post.

The letters may use “official” sounding names like “Domain Authority” with the American flag to create the impression of a trusty national organization and scare tactics and deceptive language to make you think that your domain may be about to expire. Upon careful reading, you’ll find they’re actually offering a “business listing” in some unnamed or unknown directory, usually at a much higher price than “real” domain registration fees cost. I have highlighted words in pink to beware of.

Listings on the the most important maps and directories such as Google, Apple, and Bing are free. Some dental-specific directories may charge a fee, but this would have nothing to do with your website domain “expiring”. Paid dental listings usually provide additional benefits besides just the listing itself, for example, appointment booking, provider directory for a specific procedure, etc.

When in doubt, always reach out to your marketing company or whoever manages your website!

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