Patient Education & In-Office Marketing Solutions for Dentists

Website Patient Education Videos

Easily add patient education videos to any website. Increase engagement and turn visitors into patients on your website and landing pages. Increase the number of new patients you gained from Google Ads campaigns.

Looping Practice Marketing

Create different playlists for your waiting room and each op-room in minutes. Unlimited real-time updates and changes. Seasonal relevant content and built-in marketing included.

Treatment Presentation Videos

Works on any computer, tablet, or phone. Run it on any or all devices in your practice. Use it chairside or in your treatment presentation rooms and op-rooms.

Landing Pages to Support Your Ads

Love your current website and don't want to change it? Get funnel pages only and add them to your current website.

Brochures, Signs, Referral Forms

Dental practices using Toothority Patient Education close more cases and create more happy patients. Educated patients make better decisions regarding their treatments and they will be happier with the outcomes.



“I give this 5 stars! As a startup, I need to be able to convey the right information. I can show patients right away what they are looking at on the procedure that is going to be performed.”

- Dr. Andre Amarante, Way Dental



“Today's generation, really want to see things in a video format. We've seen our case acceptance increase and we've seen patients better understand things in a way that allows them to say 'Yes' at a higher rate.”

- Dr. Justin Ahoyt, Ahoyt Family Dental

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